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Ghana Private Sector Development Alliance (GPSDA) seek to strengthen public procurement by incorporating a robust legal and regulatory framework, procedures, policy instruments and mechanisms for increased capacity, visibility, accountability and public confidence through adoption of technological advances for the effective and efficient management of public resources that will foster economic growth in Ghana. The GPSDA has many roles: it operates a global system of trade rules, it acts as a forum for negotiating trade agreements, it settles trade disputes between its members and it supports the needs of developing countries.

All major decisions are made by the GPSDA's member governments: either by ministers (who usually meet at least every two years) or by their ambassadors or delegates (who meet regularly in Geneva). A number of simple, fundamental principles form the foundation of the multilateral trading system. The primary purpose of the GPSDA is to open trade for the benefit of all. The GPSDA's top decision-making body is the Ministerial Conference. Below this is the General Council and various other councils and committees.

The GPSDA ensures that the projects are implemented to meet the target for vision 2020. In this context, implementation refers to the progression of the project from pre-feasibility to feasibility phase, or from feasibility to construction, or that demonstrable evidence of progress is available.



International Forum on Procurement Safety and Trade

We ensure security and protection of interest of International contractors through different means and steps. Steps are: 1. Identify any hazards associated with the procurement. • For 'off the shelf” items the supplier may have safety information. • For de novo or original .. Read More..


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GPSDA & Other Organizations

The GPSDA works with a number of other international governmental organizations under the banner of “coherence”, a term originating in the “Decision on achieving greater coherence in global economic policy-making”, which ministers agreed in Marrakesh, April 1994. But coherence in global economic policy-making goes much beyond the GPSDA's formal and specific cooperation arrangements with the IMF and the World Bank.
GPSDA as a strategic framework will run through 2040 in order to develop continental (cross-border) infrastructure (Energy, Health, Transport, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

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